Tuesday, March 9, 2010

9 March, 2010 - Untitled

Train doors open with a heavy sigh,
Spewing forth droves of uniform
Flooding the crushed concrete tablet paths.
Asphalt fields silent – suppressed sounds
Boiling over in the summer’s youth –
Holding vigil amidst hanged lights.
Illuminated –
Cracking slowly, sparking and flaring.
Cars emit bursts of urban bugles,
Dirges sound for full elevators
Hollow Trains fleeing.

Pigeons perched on telephone wires,
Wires strangling the scaling sun
Sedate the weary skyline,
Scanning forgotten strips.
Deserted –
Crumbling shops sit still, lethargically,
Covering congested street corners,
Fractured –
A trauma center of decaying business
Sustained, hardly, in critical unity.
Beaten brooms sweep broken tile,
Brushing away suppression –
Repression – strewn,
The Noose tightens.

Rains caress vacant cardboard boxes,
Makeshift cradles collapse inward,
Crowding ancient tenements.
Empty whisky bottle banks
Floating –
Flooded cellars, stagnant ponds,
Washed out family portraits
Memories gasping
Bodies crawling
Buried ambition
Diluted –
Sheltered children seated on the subway.

Train wheels whine, suspended in motion

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