Saturday, March 20, 2010

20 March, 2010 - Jehanne appelée La Pucelle

"Jehanne appelée La Pucelle"

Marble eyes (chiseled perfect) stare endless,
Petrified Eternity on display,
Decrepit couples circling the statue
Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Decades -
Children latched to lifeless arms; carved Letters,
forgotten Pacts, wandering Promises,
Adorn stagnant limbs, snowy solid stone.
Trembling lakes assaulted by droplets of rain,
Crystal bullets riding gravel wind
Clouding glazed eyes, battering cracking lips
Lining cemented nostrils with hard gravel
Dust clouds - smokey - wrap white appendages
Gravel gray cloaking the withered figure
Hidden and Blinded
Marble orbs in desperation Search

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