Thursday, March 25, 2010

25 March, 2010 - Mine Fields

"Mine Fields"

Rising from our graves every morning
I stumble around the dusty room,
Shattered photos you tossed last night
Shed glass shards prodding my bare feet,
My makeshift alarm. And my screams
Leave You

Bounding over our broken chairs
Littering our Persian carpets
I descend to the unkempt kitchen,
Wheezing refrigerator left ajar
Misplaced gallons of ice cream, half eaten,
In Silence

Beyond the window our picket fence is falling,
One white stake at a time drops;
I pour the last glass of orange juice,
You push past the sinking rafters,
Warmth dances up my spine, eyes rising,
Our Gazes

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

21 March, 2010 - Scalpel


Shattered bottles swept in our dusty corner,
Tangled shag rug, stained,
Covers the crumbling foundation. Dried
Moss crawling through the broken door
Overtakes my rusted exercise bike,
Grasping table legs, your puzzles - unfinished -
Creaking up hollow wooden stairs, our steps, weary,
Trudge beyond thin railings,
Toward tattered coats clutching splintered wood.
Smoke rises from the stove, scents of burned meals devour
Flimsy Chinese boxes tumbling toward the sink, cluttered
With grimy pans and solid sponges.
Through the throat we walk,
Skewed door frames; passing cracked glass paintings
Dangling from twisted nails. Torn wallpaper peels away
From sighing plaster encasement masquerading as walls.
Our march of desperation,
Ascending the drop down ladder to the cellar,
Probing our resting place's skull;
Rain pouring through the drooping roof, sifting
Through damp cardboard boxes, frantically
Searching for buried photographs - meaningless -
I recall the shrieking crows on telephone poles outside.

21 March, 2010 - Haiku

Weeds, cracking asphalt,
Threading through side streets - Broken -
Tar and oppression

Rain smacks tumbling leaves,
Wandering past empty streets,
Shield a lone stop sign.

Metal spears rip stone,
Gaping cement yawns. Barking
Splattered Directions.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

20 March, 2010 - Jehanne appelée La Pucelle

"Jehanne appelée La Pucelle"

Marble eyes (chiseled perfect) stare endless,
Petrified Eternity on display,
Decrepit couples circling the statue
Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Decades -
Children latched to lifeless arms; carved Letters,
forgotten Pacts, wandering Promises,
Adorn stagnant limbs, snowy solid stone.
Trembling lakes assaulted by droplets of rain,
Crystal bullets riding gravel wind
Clouding glazed eyes, battering cracking lips
Lining cemented nostrils with hard gravel
Dust clouds - smokey - wrap white appendages
Gravel gray cloaking the withered figure
Hidden and Blinded
Marble orbs in desperation Search

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

14 March, 2010 - Digestion


I stand, as vanilla vapor swirls through the air,
Fogged mirrors conceal
Dirt stains caking my bleeding face:
Crimson warmth caressing cold soil.

Crystalline scalding water tumbles toward the porcelain coffin,
Splattered droplets futilely grasp edgeless corners
Slipping downward - swallowed instantaneously.

Walking beyond combs, brushes, liquor bottles
Littered counter tops,
Twisting right I cease the jettisoned water
Stare remorsefully downward
Steam soaking my puffy eyes

Rouge tinted waves crowd the inviting encasement,
Inescapable - heat sterilizing pale, sloping lips;
Puddles, shallow, embrace a tiny shelter of blue shag rug.

I breach the blazing surface,
My arms ripen, red, hands frantically search,
Plant – graze over indentations, minuscule –
Knees provide support, minor;
I am a canine, on all fours, reluctant,
Gazing below, crimson water clouding,
My arms collapse – my head submerges –
Passion concentrate, siphoning new scars,
Silently I struggle.

Bruised waters release my burning limp gasping frame,
Relieved, my husk marinates in the swirling grime –
A stray vodka bottle falls, consumed by the ravenous porcelain.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

9 March, 2010 - Untitled

Train doors open with a heavy sigh,
Spewing forth droves of uniform
Flooding the crushed concrete tablet paths.
Asphalt fields silent – suppressed sounds
Boiling over in the summer’s youth –
Holding vigil amidst hanged lights.
Illuminated –
Cracking slowly, sparking and flaring.
Cars emit bursts of urban bugles,
Dirges sound for full elevators
Hollow Trains fleeing.

Pigeons perched on telephone wires,
Wires strangling the scaling sun
Sedate the weary skyline,
Scanning forgotten strips.
Deserted –
Crumbling shops sit still, lethargically,
Covering congested street corners,
Fractured –
A trauma center of decaying business
Sustained, hardly, in critical unity.
Beaten brooms sweep broken tile,
Brushing away suppression –
Repression – strewn,
The Noose tightens.

Rains caress vacant cardboard boxes,
Makeshift cradles collapse inward,
Crowding ancient tenements.
Empty whisky bottle banks
Floating –
Flooded cellars, stagnant ponds,
Washed out family portraits
Memories gasping
Bodies crawling
Buried ambition
Diluted –
Sheltered children seated on the subway.

Train wheels whine, suspended in motion

Monday, March 8, 2010