Saturday, October 31, 2009

31 October, 2009 - "Montecito Complex, 1986"

Montecito Complex, 1986

Clouds, Crimson:
Snapping branches the sky tumbles downward,
Machines rolling onward,
Manufactured Men strung along the Forest
Stagger past the sleeping Cardinals
Toward the factories.
Uniforms, Yellow:
Alarms whine with exhaustion,
Workers dancing in unison grab levers,
Children in a Toy Box,
Daunting tasks rendered menial,
Not meaningless,
Active, proactive, Professional.
Springing above inferior superiors-
Penthouse, Purple:
Hands adorning the regal halls,
Nails supporting custom portraits,
Drapes of hair shielding the sun,
Cinder Block Smiles Illuminating
Lampshades of Flesh,
Ocular ice cubes spilling vodka
Over Your rugs of marrow.
Tumbling skies puncturing Your palace,
Standing above the flattened vendors,
Immobile and Ascending,
Grazing eyes survey the barren surface.
Tombstones, Blue:

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

28 October, 2009 - Saturday on Seventh Street

Saturday of Seventh Street

Walking up the skyscraper wall
Toward a castle of eternal gray,
Your strawberry fists broke my jaw,
When the sun started chasing after me

Up to the palace where the Cranes
Hold the clouds tightly in their beaks,
Necks cracking daily like popcorn
Bursting from the Cumulus Streets.

Surveying the city limits,
Chocolate mint eyes burning a hole,
Cranes holding up your fortress.

One lets out an earth shattering scream,
But I left the surface behind years ago.
Necks snapping as the California breeze
Grows ever closer.

Scaling the steps of the entrance,
Elegant jade floored halls
Distract from the zinc walls.
And I pour a glass of water.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

27 October, 2009 - Glasgow Picnic

Glasgow Picnic

Swallowed by the forest I frantically search,
Buzzing and humming from the distance
Leaves crunching with each coming step,
Frost hanging blissfully, gasps of freedom
Circling the brush,
Eternally Lifeless.
Oaks becoming shopping mall mannequins,
Mocking each scratch, my futile gnawing.
Slugs loaded up in the chamber
Pointed at my temple,
Eyes gazing with passion and coldness,
Numbly Ecstatic,
Biting and Breaking,

Monday, October 26, 2009

26 October, 2009 - Haiku

Acorns tumble Down
Splitting malnourished Branches
uprooting Forests

new intersections
twisting through the dismal town:
Faulty Wiring.

Sparrows flying West.
Tornadoes running Eastward.
Finding Hollywood

Sunday, October 25, 2009

25 October, 2009 - "Oncoming Traffic"

"Oncoming Traffic"

Dishes dry out for the second time this evening,
As water massages our roof and the floor starts creaking.
An ostrich tramples down the stairs that night,
Dressed up like a sailor and eating all the moonlight
Until flames flicker out from all his feathers.
Spiced rum spilling on the table is all that I remember.

You carry a chandelier in as the house becomes lifeless,
Sitting in a musty room with all new devices,
And I have a bottle of whiskey and firecrackers
As the men on the television start talking backwards.
Hours of conversation all ending with the weather,
Our final flask of vodka will nearly last forever.

Teacups flying off the china cabinet,
Flowers dying in the garden outside,
Our tables buying stocks online.
Reading menus by the candlelight left both of us blind.
Yesterday morning we found your rope and his letter,
And with each empty glass we both begin to remember.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

20 October, 2009 - Ragnarok


Perched upon the telephone pole the crows watch the trash yard,
Miniature trapeze artists hopping with a surgeon's precision,
Wallowing in the culmination of earthly aroma, rising out of existence.
Swatted by the charred tires and week old cardboard coffee cups,
Chirps and shrilled squawks comment on the scurrying mice below.
Scampering from Chinese take-out cartons to towering soup cans,
Collecting for the night, scouring the yard's confines.
Cackles as the creatures stare at the colonies of rats nesting,
Holed up in worn out sneakers,
Piled atop one another like building blocks,
Defending the last rotten apple.
Swooping downwards in unison the crows grab the rodents,
By broken backs, wriggling tails, or paws in talon,
Weaving through telephone wires during ascension,
Roosting once more after the feast.
Rain drizzles down on the broken beaks,
Cawing for the lightning to strike.

October 20th, 2009 - Haiku

Stars over the grove
Dance down the confined branches,
Bruising the ripe Pears.