Sunday, March 14, 2010

14 March, 2010 - Digestion


I stand, as vanilla vapor swirls through the air,
Fogged mirrors conceal
Dirt stains caking my bleeding face:
Crimson warmth caressing cold soil.

Crystalline scalding water tumbles toward the porcelain coffin,
Splattered droplets futilely grasp edgeless corners
Slipping downward - swallowed instantaneously.

Walking beyond combs, brushes, liquor bottles
Littered counter tops,
Twisting right I cease the jettisoned water
Stare remorsefully downward
Steam soaking my puffy eyes

Rouge tinted waves crowd the inviting encasement,
Inescapable - heat sterilizing pale, sloping lips;
Puddles, shallow, embrace a tiny shelter of blue shag rug.

I breach the blazing surface,
My arms ripen, red, hands frantically search,
Plant – graze over indentations, minuscule –
Knees provide support, minor;
I am a canine, on all fours, reluctant,
Gazing below, crimson water clouding,
My arms collapse – my head submerges –
Passion concentrate, siphoning new scars,
Silently I struggle.

Bruised waters release my burning limp gasping frame,
Relieved, my husk marinates in the swirling grime –
A stray vodka bottle falls, consumed by the ravenous porcelain.

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