Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 28th, 2009 - Freyr Saga

“Freyr’s Flight”

Cardboard boxes wheeled in through the door,
Neighbors listened as the screams were suppressed.
Shoplifted dreams and expectations are stored,
Seeking a new final place to rest.

Our old house was like a garden
On a Saharan night in May,
Our new house is the wrapping paper
One morning after Christmas Day.

Cranes roost on the picket fence,
Gleeful stares shattering our windows,
While you watch nightly new programs
And the over burns our first dinner.

“Freyr’s Seclusion”

Raindrops spill over pots strewn across the floor,
Falling through our bedroom ceiling.
Retreating to my chair I contemplate these feelings
Longing for the flames that burned our home
Yearning for the fire that charred your face
Forgetting the flames that spared our hate,
Pouring another glass of scotch to douse my regret.
Water runs down the door’s throat
Cutting off the house’s lower level
Washing away our unpacked cardboard
Diluting open liquor bottles on the table
Vomiting old photos of our wedding night
Flooding from the front door into the street.
Cranes fly from storm clouds to the creaky roof.
Staring, my empty glass reflects a distorted face,
Winds blow a moldy scent through my nostrils
And a puddle numbs my bare feet.

“Freyr’s Morning Meal”

Cranes settled by the garden side, watching with remorse,
Our two plates piled with pancakes on the clean kitchen table.
Cloudy skies peeled away revealing an orange globe
Hanging from the neck of a raven taking a final flight west.
Cattle grazed and goats rammed heads along the fence,
Peacocks preened inside our kitchen, stripped of two walls,
As we sat in silence, pouring syrup and stale whiskey.

Friday, March 27, 2009

March 27th, 2009 - "Evening Scenes Performed inside the Ford"

“Evening Scenes Performed inside the Ford”

He holds me, my Father, rocking me lazily,
Whispers find my ear, overflowing compassion,
Confidence flowing inside my crystallized veins
Delivering, lethargically, signs of slow smoke.

Down, through clouds, I fall. Divine eyes scanning His Earth
Lovingly fixed upon huddling, famished masses.
Penetrating fluff, breaking seams, dodging jet planes
He gently guides me, with safety, to His surface.

He spies on me weekly, sending cards on Christmas,
Assuring me of His presence every Easter,
Calling me on weekends with unwavering care.
His glory eternal, always necessary.

Up, in chains, I search. Judges gazing upon me.
Sun rays caress my scalp like fingers holding coal.
Crowds shout as I, with a son’s confidence, confess:
I shot the Devil. And the blade fell.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 24th, 2009 - "Battery Park, Flat Twelve in Gateway Plaza"

“Battery Park, Flat Twelve in Gateway Plaza”

One: Woman average height,
Drop the sheath down the front, hold the towel.
Thread the needle and sew.
Number Two: Man average height.
Slice and stitch, dispose of excess in jar,
For skin lost patch as needed.
Pull the lever, send the man, the women.
Elderly man, number three, skin sagging.
Raise arms, insert pins, tug the face,
Smile, always smile.
Number Four: Aged Woman, over weight.
Barren and dried up, productivity down.
Left, send her left and Reevaluate.
Number Five, Number Six: Couple,
Both balding and destitute
Decaying in town, reassignments needed.
Homeless woman, Number Seven.
Medicate, Educate – wait,
Gauge response or Dispose.
Number Eight: Man, middle aged.
Waiting – Working, without direction,
Starving nightly, Drinking hourly.
Number Nine: Woman, barely.
Sexless and Diseased, walking Porcelain
Ready to smash when Pushed.
Push the switch, send the woman, the men.
Number Ten: Boy, sixteen and innocent.
Science, Sports, and Sex, all removed,
Stripped and sewn, stunted in Development,
Slowly Straying from Society,
Shackle and Sedate, use Force.
Number Eleven: Child, obese.
Gender gone, Plaster applied
Brutally Kind, Locked aWay.
toddler, number twelve, inferior,
deficient, indecent, cowardly,
useless, and strangled, sadly surviving.
Number Thirteen: Baby.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 19th, 2009 - "Thoughts from the Electric Chair"

"Thoughts from the Electric Chair"

Electricity pulsed painlessly through the executed,
Charring skin flaking off his arms effortlessly.
Maggots took no time, crawling upon the man,
Nesting behind bloodied eyes, lovingly.
Colonies springing out, crawling through the crags,
Hollowed out passages stocked completely,
Nutritiously sustaining the ignorant larva.
Generations growing, expanding rapidly,
Commandeering the legs, arms, the fingers.
Tissues was devoured, Veins dried out eventually,
Marrow was forgotten and barren bones rotted,
Stranding the parasites in the velvet coffin helplessly,
Naively waiting without the merciful electricity.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 10th, 2009 - To Be TItled and Expanded

Mornings crawl in with a rising Sun,
Bullying out the old the old days.
Stirring, I awake to the sound of a Gun,
Bullets crying and running a-stray.

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March 1st, 2009 - "The Kitten's Yarn"

"The Kitten's Yarn"

Watch as the sky wildly crumbles
Under the weight of a dove's wing.
White light cracks the globe,
Piercing the crust,
Penetrating the planet,
Embracing the Core.
Rising to these creations,
Toys in a child's crate,
She howls.
Shamefully, Order returns.