Saturday, October 31, 2009

31 October, 2009 - "Montecito Complex, 1986"

Montecito Complex, 1986

Clouds, Crimson:
Snapping branches the sky tumbles downward,
Machines rolling onward,
Manufactured Men strung along the Forest
Stagger past the sleeping Cardinals
Toward the factories.
Uniforms, Yellow:
Alarms whine with exhaustion,
Workers dancing in unison grab levers,
Children in a Toy Box,
Daunting tasks rendered menial,
Not meaningless,
Active, proactive, Professional.
Springing above inferior superiors-
Penthouse, Purple:
Hands adorning the regal halls,
Nails supporting custom portraits,
Drapes of hair shielding the sun,
Cinder Block Smiles Illuminating
Lampshades of Flesh,
Ocular ice cubes spilling vodka
Over Your rugs of marrow.
Tumbling skies puncturing Your palace,
Standing above the flattened vendors,
Immobile and Ascending,
Grazing eyes survey the barren surface.
Tombstones, Blue:

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