Sunday, October 25, 2009

25 October, 2009 - "Oncoming Traffic"

"Oncoming Traffic"

Dishes dry out for the second time this evening,
As water massages our roof and the floor starts creaking.
An ostrich tramples down the stairs that night,
Dressed up like a sailor and eating all the moonlight
Until flames flicker out from all his feathers.
Spiced rum spilling on the table is all that I remember.

You carry a chandelier in as the house becomes lifeless,
Sitting in a musty room with all new devices,
And I have a bottle of whiskey and firecrackers
As the men on the television start talking backwards.
Hours of conversation all ending with the weather,
Our final flask of vodka will nearly last forever.

Teacups flying off the china cabinet,
Flowers dying in the garden outside,
Our tables buying stocks online.
Reading menus by the candlelight left both of us blind.
Yesterday morning we found your rope and his letter,
And with each empty glass we both begin to remember.

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