Wednesday, October 28, 2009

28 October, 2009 - Saturday on Seventh Street

Saturday of Seventh Street

Walking up the skyscraper wall
Toward a castle of eternal gray,
Your strawberry fists broke my jaw,
When the sun started chasing after me

Up to the palace where the Cranes
Hold the clouds tightly in their beaks,
Necks cracking daily like popcorn
Bursting from the Cumulus Streets.

Surveying the city limits,
Chocolate mint eyes burning a hole,
Cranes holding up your fortress.

One lets out an earth shattering scream,
But I left the surface behind years ago.
Necks snapping as the California breeze
Grows ever closer.

Scaling the steps of the entrance,
Elegant jade floored halls
Distract from the zinc walls.
And I pour a glass of water.

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