Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 28th, 2009 - Commercial Interruptions

"Commercial Interruptions"

Game shows roll across snowy screens,
Hissing and spinning nightmares.
Contestants clutch new furniture,
Wheel sofas inside cramped ranchers
Pressing against jammed doors,
Locked windows.
Talk shows turning up lost children,
Forgotten parents,
Mistresses of the plumber’s wife.
Stained glass windows shine,
Lighting precious china, golden candles.
Prizes, presents, and prisoners
Lovingly arranged and showcased,
Placed on shelves in suburban homes,
Suffocating hallways and cluttering cabinets.
Midday rides inside on a thoroughbred stallion,
Swords swinging like children in a playground,
Terrified tears trickling past a plastered grin
When a soap opera begins
And a teacup falls.

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