Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 26th, 2009 - Haiku (plus update)

Tearing skies in half
Bodies rise from the pavement,
Being shot by Stars.

Okay, with summer back fully in swing I plan to write on this blog one a day every day, except when I do not have access to a computer, but hopefully that will not be often. Even when it is, I shall return with enough entries to compensate for lost time in order to keep my writing and my mind sharp.

Also, as this blog is the spawn of a Youtube project from the summer prior, I will be making one video each week containing myself reading a poem that I write during the course of the week. I shall link to these videos each Monday, though for any readers that I may have, you can check out previous readings and subscribe to my channel here to watch them when they go up on Sundays.

This project, as usual, is supposed to help me grow as a writer and, hopefully, provide the readers/viewers with exposure to original poetry. As usual, all creations previous and hence forth are available for free use as long as due credit is given, a link to the website will suffice, though comments and subscriptions to the blog and video service are always welcome. As part of my secondary summer project, exposing myself to as many cultural outlets, classic and current, as possible, I have created the Processed Grass blog which does not have any entries yet, but shall in the coming days. When the first entry is posted I shall post here with a link, though it's on blogspot and it's called Processed Grass, so it should be easy enough to find. And, if I have any regular readers that I do not know of, feel free to follow me on twitter if you want to, though I can't imagine what the benefit would be, though I'll likely post on there when a new entry is up here.

Anyhow, thanks for reading and continue enjoying, reading, and writing poetry and thank you for reading my work, I really appreciate it and continue to enjoy creating these poems each day. Also, I'll try and do a longer one tomorrow since I have a few ideas of more expansive poems I would like to test out, but expect many haiku over the summer as the form is a personal favorite.

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