Monday, February 23, 2009

February 23rd, 2009 - To Be Titled

Roll out the rugs, sound the alarms!
Our neighbors just bought a new atom bomb!
We’ll throw a party, it shan’t take too long,
Push on the button and the guests are all gone!

And where upon was this bomb purchased?
Well, around the fairgrounds the other night.
How much, surely the atoms aren’t worthless?
Surely not! Priceless! A great, glowing sight!
And how long shall the metal glow so bright?
Eternities! Our light never shall fade!
And if the neighbors resist, yell, or fight?
Press the button, friend, and they’ll be deceased!
They’ll knock on my door filled with shame
With ropes in hand and torches aflame
Crying for shelter which will fall on deaf ears
Fearing the explosion that soon overtakes Earth
While I sit by the fire waiting for the next day.

Always waiting, never arriving,
My bomb and me for eternity!

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