Saturday, February 21, 2009

February 21st, 2009 - Memories from Mother's Kitchen

"Memories from Mother's Kitchen"

Cages filled with captured mice quarreling over the cheese cube cover the counter.
Roll up your sleeves, smile, sing,
Never forget a step.
Snap their necks nice and clean, making sure to hear the crack.
Hesitate not or we’ll starve.
Remember, one hand on the stomach and one on the head.
And pull.
No push.
Mistakes are natural, they are only human.
You. Us. We. Not they.
Hold their hands, tails rather, and set them inside.
Pack each one in tight, let the tails hang out for decoration.
Roll the crust over the top, cut breathing holes in the top.
Frill the edges, make the pie presentable, check the time.
Quarter, a quarter inch, cut a quarter inch on top.
One more for flavor.
Do not snap, slice.
Drizzle over top.
Finish the remains, you deserve a snack.
Slide pie in oven, bake on high two hours.
Do not forget to wash your hands,
When you are finished.

Hear the noise?
Father must have ended early.

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