Tuesday, March 15, 2011

15 March, 2011 - Yarrow Awakening

"Yarrow Awakening"

Locked away, persecuted, I hoped to recover
Recover, not forget.
Mountains surrounding my retreat blot out the sun,
Wind is a mystery,
Sensations long since forgotten, lost in the ether.
Skulking to my corner, shunned and lost I wait.
Bottle up time, 100 proof, wash away the past.
Withering away I take charge,
Action through my veins, a blast
Piercing through restless mobs
Memories of forgotten gods;
Alone I find my solace, a quiet resting place,
My legacy disappears as I begin to hibernate.

Dormant, I have rested
Untouched by sight or sound,
Yet rest has since eluded me
The day I became unwound.

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