Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 24th, 2009 - "Battery Park, Flat Twelve in Gateway Plaza"

“Battery Park, Flat Twelve in Gateway Plaza”

One: Woman average height,
Drop the sheath down the front, hold the towel.
Thread the needle and sew.
Number Two: Man average height.
Slice and stitch, dispose of excess in jar,
For skin lost patch as needed.
Pull the lever, send the man, the women.
Elderly man, number three, skin sagging.
Raise arms, insert pins, tug the face,
Smile, always smile.
Number Four: Aged Woman, over weight.
Barren and dried up, productivity down.
Left, send her left and Reevaluate.
Number Five, Number Six: Couple,
Both balding and destitute
Decaying in town, reassignments needed.
Homeless woman, Number Seven.
Medicate, Educate – wait,
Gauge response or Dispose.
Number Eight: Man, middle aged.
Waiting – Working, without direction,
Starving nightly, Drinking hourly.
Number Nine: Woman, barely.
Sexless and Diseased, walking Porcelain
Ready to smash when Pushed.
Push the switch, send the woman, the men.
Number Ten: Boy, sixteen and innocent.
Science, Sports, and Sex, all removed,
Stripped and sewn, stunted in Development,
Slowly Straying from Society,
Shackle and Sedate, use Force.
Number Eleven: Child, obese.
Gender gone, Plaster applied
Brutally Kind, Locked aWay.
toddler, number twelve, inferior,
deficient, indecent, cowardly,
useless, and strangled, sadly surviving.
Number Thirteen: Baby.

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